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The York Builders Association’s mission is to be the trusted resource for the building industry and their local community. YBA is a membership organization dedicated to providing valuable services, programs, connections, and opportunities in support of their members’ businesses and a healthy housing & home improvement market. Along with providing their members opportunities through industry advocacy, networking, education, events, and more, we promote professionalism, economic growth, and community involvement. They are affiliated with the Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Embarking on a revival of their overarching brand, I was approached with transforming the York Builders Association’s visual identity form stale and inconsistent to the “cool kid” of the association world. This visual rebrand encompassed a full website redesign and print collateral refresh including their resource flyer, member benefits rackcard, and member checklist. The goal was to create an energetic and relatable spirit that was interwoven and identifiable not only across their various media but also through the programs I had already worked on (Workforce NOW and Peoples Choice Awards). Using the newly designed print collateral as the foundation for informing the website redesign, the new branding showcases an undeniable design thread that carries through in robust layout, imagery, font, and color approaches. The contrast of bold and light fonts creates a juxtaposition of character. While their original color palette is preserved, the injection of new subtle tonal changes further brings about new intrigue. This visual rebrand truly embraces the roots of their identity while presenting a more modern and younger dynamic.


Branding, Print Design, Identity Collateral, ​Website Redesign, WordPress, Divi, Mobile Responsiveness, CSS Customization

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