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Respitech Medical Inc. is a major provider of respiratory care equipment, clinical services as well as biomedical services. Since 1998, they have serviced the medical community throughout the continental United States. Their experience and longevity have allowed them to become a leader in their industry.

The first task was to create a logo that represented this industry dominance. Through modern typographical choices, the sans-serif communicates streamlined innovation. The lung logomark is an obvious interpretation of their service, but the gradient is symbolic of the intertwining of honesty, integrity, confidence and melding with the client’s needs.

After the approval of the logo design, I took their bare bones website and revived it with imagery, graphics, and an appealing user experience. The design was created with functionality and efficiency in mind for the organized delivery of information. Despite the clinical nature of the content, the website design was not created with sterility in mind. Instead, it was crafted with vivacity to convey competency, relatability, and adaptability. The imagery was chosen to add the human element to an often-medical machine oriented topic. Colors are incorporated throughout the site ranging from the gamut of the gradient that their logo was built upon.


Branding, Logo Redesign, Website Redesign, WordPress, Divi, Mobile Responsiveness, CSS Customization

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