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Serving 100+ Perry County residents per year, the Perry County Literacy Council has served Perry County for more than 30 years, moving people up from dependency to self-sufficiency with credentials that support family sustaining wages and benefits. The mission of the Perry County Literacy Council (PCLC) is to provide educational programs for Perry County residents and their families that will enable them to better function as productive, responsible citizens. All of our programs are 100% free; we tailor our instruction to the individual’s needs and deliver it via one-to-one tutoring and small classes.

Echoing the aesthetic that had been implemented in other graphics, this Sponsorship Opportunities packet was the first time that PCLC had ever had a fully designed collateral to present to potential sponsors and began quickly reaping the benefits of this cohesive piece. 

Teals, blues, and oranges grace the pages of this packet to embody PCLC. The use of rounded images, color overlays, and playful icons all invoke a sense of wonder and possibility. Their logomark is used purposefully as a staple in the layout and serves as a unique masking for the imagery. The presentation of the information is laid out in a way for easy consumption, but intriguing interaction. Testimonials are strategically injected throughout the layout to enforce how important this organization is to the citizens of Perry County. 


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