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Momentum ECM is a technology company that believes when businesses improve, everyone wins. Their goal is to perfect process automation, secure content management, drive efficiency, and lower costs in order to keep businesses of all sizes moving forward.

To support this mission, Momentum was in need of a powerful redesign. I created a website that is representative of the concept of momentum and moving forward. The headers are italicized and bold to reinforce this idea of inertia and echo their logo. Explosive graphics, poignant images, and vivid gradient overlays all contribute to a sense of change. Connecting to their preexisting colors in their logo, the use of orange took on deeper psychological meanings of determination, change, and creativity – all of which are the foundational elements of Momentum’s values. Comparative to their old website, the new design is characterized by interactivity and responsiveness.

This project was the epitome of collaboration. I worked closely with our clients to create informative designs that were not only visually appealing, but accurate and insightful.


Web Design, WordPress, Divi, Mobile Responsive, CSS Customization.

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