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Higher Information Group provides customers with services across four divisions, including Office Solutions, Technology Solutions, Document Solutions, and Marketing Solutions. HIG continues to evolve and incorporate new solutions that help companies transform how they do business. Their goal is empower their clients to bring their visions to life! HIG is committed to their mission of helping businesses transform their day-to-day operations so they can focus on what matters most. They do this by leveraging the power of technology, expertise and collaborative team members who want to make a positive difference!

For the past few years, the visual brand identity of Higher Information Group had been shifting. Once identified for its blue and green color scheme, the rebranded look is instead built upon the gradient of these two colors. The unity of the gradient represents teamwork and the nature of all of HIG’s solutions working hand-in-hand. This new aesthetic approach has been weaved throughout all of the print collateral produced. Bearing this in mind, it was finally time to align the website with this shift and embark on a year long redesign process from both a visual and messaging standpoint. The website is a clear culmination of the new visual identity being enacted: gradient overlays, outlined fonts, and angled sections.

This was also used as an opportunity to streamline our solution offerings and introduce a new structure rooted heavily in search data that users could better understand. Although we strived to present a streamlined solution offering, this redesign was less about selling products and services and more about creating an authentic experience that nurtures our client relationships. In order to achieve this, we focused on increased interactivity in the layout, helpful resources and call to actions, and lead generation opportunities. To further promote focus on customer experience, it was a conscious effort to incorporate human-oriented imagery and playful graphics.

Credit: Content Integration Assistance by Emily Perez. Content and Messaging by Melissa Fritchey.


Creative Lead, Branding, Style Guide, Print Design, Identity Collateral, ​Web Design, WordPress, Divi, Mobile Responsiveness, CSS Customization

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