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Family First Law is a legal firm that provides legal advocacy with unparalleled empathy by listening, educating, and collaborating throughout the most challenging moments of your family’s life. Attorney Aviv Bliwas is dedicated to improving the welfare of senior citizens. We embareked on a rebranding of her law office in order to solidify how deeply rooted the story of Family First Law is in Aviv’s past.

The logo reflects the these ideals. The color of the tittle, the use of the lotus, and the focus on family demonstrate how every design choice had significance. Serving as the culmination of her rebrand, the brand book pulled together the message, identity, and goal into one elaborate design explaining the process and meaning of each brand component. This book was built upon playfulness, compassion, consistent color, and personalized imagery from Aviv’s childhood. The design aesthetic carried through to a cohesive identity package including postcards, rackcards, letterhead, and a business card.


​Branding, Logo Redesign, Identity Package, Postcard Design, Rackcard Design, Booklet Design, Print Design

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