project scope.

A biennial event on the McDaniel Campus, this cross-disciplinary conference on art and social justice that is inspired by the Creative Time Summit. For this particular conference, it was titled “Art Power: Land, Labor, and Living in Moments of Crisis.”

Not only was I tasked with created a logo that embodied the message of the conference, I was also required to create event collateral to promote the event. To invoke a feeling of crisis and instability, I purposely chose a handwritten font as the central component of the logo. This distressed quality conveys a power struggle. The other fonts of the collateral links closely to the branding of the Creative Time Summit. To further connect to its predecessor, I incorporated black, red, and white as the primary color palette. These designs went through the proofing stage of multiple concepts with the former department chair of McDaniel’s Department of Art and Art History.


Logo Design, Event Collateral, Poster Design, Invitation Design, Print Design.

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