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For over 30 years, Cherewka Law has been committed to helping clients protect what is most important to them. They achieve this through their unique planning processes, which combine their services with other key advisors, to give the client the control and the ability to make a difference for their family, friends and business.

Cherewka Law was a full-service client including rebranding, logo design, print design, and web design.
The logo redesign was implemented to create a more modern identity while still staying true to their C logomark, which was recognizable for them. Several printed materials were designed including a brochure and two booklets for Estate Planning and Estate Administration. While the information is dense, the designs were intended to be modern and enticing to read. Their planning guides were heavily inspired by editorial design for dynamism.

The website rebuild was executed primarily to transition it to mobile responsiveness (as it’s previous one was not), but it was also an opportunity to have it be a reflection of these new printed materials. Throughout all of the designs, there is cohesion, and they all incorporate the color palette of blue and gold that symbolize trust, wealth, and protection.


Branding, Logo Redesign, Print Design, Brochure Design, Booklet Design, Web Design, WordPress, Divi, Mobile Responsiveness, CSS Customization.

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