project scope.

Central Pennyslvania MedGrow, LLC was a proposed medical marijuana dispensary with the intention of being dedicated to serving the community with a compassionate and proactive approach to the development of physical, mental, and emotional health with safe, lab-tested medical marijuana.

I was tasked with developing a logo that represented the mission of this proposed business. The decision to use green as the primary brand color was not only a direct reflection of the product, but also selected for its deeper meanings connected to life, renewal, growth, and hope. The logo design has the traditional medical feel, but it was constructed with san-serifs and a harmony between thin and bold weighted fonts to create an association to the various types of people who would use it. The booklet was designed to build a sense of community and purpose through its simplistic design and diverse stock images.


Branding, Logo Design, Booklet Design, Print Design, Conceptual.

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